• Community-based magazines established in 1999
  • A tried and tested advertising solution for the last 18 years
  • Reach 26,000 potential customers every month
  • Digital editions compatible with smartphones and tablets
  • Editorials for businesses, clubs and of local interest
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  • Prices from £36 per month – that’s £2.77 per 1000 homes
  • Discounts available for block booking
  • Prices quoted are per magazine
  • Business editorials available on block bookings of 90x 60 mm or above (minimum cost £184 inc. VAT)

About us and how we work

Village News was first published in 1999, followed 12 months later by Villager, to promote cost-effective advertising for local businesses in the villages around Wolverhampton. The magazines are full of articles of local interest and are well-established as a platform for villagers to inform the local community of events and concerns affecting village life whilst remaining non-political.

Since their foundation Village News and Villager have built into a valuable resource and this new website works with the magazines in print to make this information even more accessible across digital platforms.

The magazines are professionally set and printed on  high quality 100gsm satin finish paper.

The local population like and read the magazines and we receive regular positive feedback from individuals, clubs, societies and advertisers, some of whom have been with us from the first editions.


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